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Port Graham Corporation (PGC) is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), parent company of a family of 8(a) subsidiary companies. We value our teaming partners and are always looking to expand our teaming and joint venture portfolio

Formed under the Alaska Native Settlement Act of 1971 to represent the Sugpiag people inhabiting the Kenai Fjords, PGC is located on the tip of the gorgeous Kenai peninsula at the sea-bound entry to Cook Inlet, which reaches Anchorage over 100 miles to the North.

The people of Port Graham were the ancestral inhabitants of the Kenai Fjords. Prior to the arrival of the Russians during the late 1700’s, thousands lived and prospered along this rocky coast. A sophisticated culture of maritime hunters and gatherers thrived in Nuka Bay, Yalik Bay and Aialik Bay.

Encompassing an area today of Kodiak Island, the Alaska Peninsula, Cook Inlet, and Prince William Sound the Sugpiaq, or more commonly, the Alutiiq, maintain millennia-old spiritual ties to the land, bonds of kinship and belief, respect for Elders and community, and the shared practices and meanings of subsistence living.

In hunting, fishing, and gathering, the Alutiiq practice a deep spiritual connection with the natural world.  The story of this connection is found in traditional art and objects – from kayaks to weapons, clothing, and hunting hats.

When Russians settled Alaska in the 19th century, they coerced the Alutiiq inhabitants to hunt sea otter for the burgeoning fur trade. Eventually, all the people were relocated to Alexandrovsk (now Nanwalek) or Paluwik (now Port Graham) by the Russian missionaries during the late 1800’s. According to the U.S. Geological Survey in 1909, Port Graham later became the site of a cannery and wharf.

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

Under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), the people of Port Graham selected 44,000 acres within the Kenai Fjords and reclaimed their birthright and ancestral homelands from the United States government. These selections were made in 1974, but it was not until 1995 that Port Graham Corporation (PGC) received title to these lands and could begin managing their land for their 200 shareholders.

However, in 1980, President Carter signed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act and created the 500,000-acre Kenai Fjords National Park. Since 1980, the National Park Service has been managing Port Graham’s land until they could receive title. PGC and the Park Service are pursuing a co-management agreement, with PGC retaining the rights of full private ownership to manage and develop their lands to the benefit of their shareholders in perpetuity.

Port Graham Today

The population of Port Graham is around 178. After a fire at the fish cannery in 1998, a new $4.5 million cannery and hatchery was rebuilt and opened in 1999. The cannery continues to be the main economic activity in the community providing seasonal employment for 70 residents. The people of Port Graham still revere their link to their ancestral homelands by frequently visiting for subsistence purposes and seek to maintain their ties to the land and water of Kenai Fjords forever.

Through subsidiaries, PGC offers a broad range of private and government-sector services:

Technology, Oil and Gas

Commercial and Institutional Building Construction,
Maintenance and Repair

Facilities Support Services

An Array of Program Support and Administration Services

Professional and Project Management Services

Characterized by strong leadership and sound management, PGC delivers results and ensures project discipline and superior performance.

PGC core business principles are focused on delivery of the highest possible value, on schedule, and on budget to our clients and partners. We consistently look to exceed customer requirements, maintain a culture of excellence, honest and transparent communication, and a spirit of genuine cooperation.

At Port Graham Corporation, we are gifted with some of the richest, most abundant lands, fishing, wildlife and forests in the world, which are the source of our continued prosperity.

Our mission is to create long-term shared wealth for both our partners and our shareholders, so that both Port Graham and our venture partners will achieve increasing levels of prosperity, while preserving the natural wealth we have inherited for future generations.

As the primary employer in the village of Port Graham, we are responsible for our village’s energy needs, forestry, sports fishing/hunting, mining, roads, health, sanitation, infrastructure, transportation, fisheries, canneries, commerce, jobs, and cultural heritage.

Yet global forces threaten our way of life. In order to create wealth, protect the land, and sustain our heritage, we must respond to these challenges with intelligent strategic partnerships, strong leadership, and responsible administration of our resources.

So we will make our partners successful, because that how we will bring prosperity to our village and preserve our way of life.

PGC’s corporate vision for the future is to expand its diversification within the private sector portfolio and boost its business opportunities in Government Contracting through prudent contract acquisitions, start-up ventures, joint ventures and mentor-protégé relationships.

“At Port Graham Corporation our vision is to become the world leader in sustainable sports fishing, develop internationally recognized practices in sustainable land development, and integrate modern technology, prosperity and our traditional subsistence lifestyle in complete harmony.”

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Board of Directors and Executive Management

Back Row: James LaBelle, JR., Treasurer | Elmer Moonin, COO |
Walter Meganack, JR., Chairman of the Board | Jon Shepherd, CEO

Front Row: Helen Loescher, Director | Diane Selanoff, Vice-Chairman
Laura McMullen, Secretary

Robert Bargeron, President

Mr. Bargeron brings over 30 years of executive leadership experience to Port Graham. After serving twenty-years as a U. S. Army Officer, Mr. Bargeron retired to pursue a career with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). During his tenure with DEA Mr. Bargeron served in a number of executive-level positions.

Mr. Bargeron holds a BS in Business and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and has attended several executive-level courses within the military and Federal Government.

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Jim Keefner – Director of Business Development

Jim became Director of Business Development in August of 2017. Prior to this, he served in the US Army for 27 years, retiring as a Colonel. His Army career gave him extensive experience in the areas of Homeland Defense and Homeland Security. He possesses extensive knowledge of working in joint and interagency operations, particularly with local, state and federal law enforcement. After 9/11, Jim played a key leadership role in planning, initiating and sustaining a high-visibility homeland defense mission, responsible for protecting our nation’s capital and POTUS.  He also led a joint task force along the US southwest border and was instrumental in developing the model for the first-ever federal Joint Task Force to secure the nation’s southwest border – Operation Jump Start.  Upon his retirement from the Army, he served as a program manager supporting Customs and Border Protection and the US Air Force Research Lab at Kirtland AFB, NM. Jim has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Eastern New Mexico University, an MBA from the College of Santa Fe as well as a Master’s in Strategic Studies from the Air War College.

As CEO of Port Graham Corporation, Mr. Shepherd provides Executive Management and oversight for all Corporation activities.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Shepherd was President of New Horizons Telecom, Inc., a 36-year IEEE-award-winning, ISO-Certified, General & Electrical Contracting & Engineering firm based in Alaska that specializes in design and implementation of infrastructure, systems and networks for telecommunications providers and government agencies.  Mr. Shepherd has been directly involved with the acquisition and successful implementation of more than $500M in government and commercial contracts.

His background includes the significant effort to develop numerous telecom facilities from cable landing stations for major submarine fiber cable systems, to large-scale satellite networks, large-scale wireless and Land-Mobile Radio (LMR) systems, microwave systems, data facilities, and other telecom support infrastructure.

In addition to developing telecom systems, Mr. Shepherd has also developed surveillance systems, including Radio Frequency (RF) and software operations.  Turn-key systems include all infrastructure, support components and significant experience with power and SCADA systems.  Design/Build projects also include data centers, office buildings, schools, and a wide range of delivered modular structures.

Additional experience includes notable work in the environmental, land management, geospatial and mapping industries, and the startup of an Alaskan wireless telephone company.

Mr. Shepherd had been involved with management and implementation of projects within several related fields including design and implementation of alternative energy systems, and energy conservation implementation. Mr. Shepherd has a long history of implementation of new technology, and has developed programs for UL Certification (UL 508A) in support of system requirements.

Elmer Moonin is the Chief Operations Officer for the Port Graham Corporation.  Elmer has nine years of Management experience with seven of those years in a Project Management role. He has managed a staff of over twenty employees, annual budgets of over $1.2 million, and more than $6 million in assets.  He received a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Alaska-Anchorage in May 2011 and holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the same university.

Elmer began working with the Port Graham Corporation and their respective subsidiaries in October 2013.  Elmer is a Port Graham Corporation shareholder descendant, a proud Sugpiaq, father of 2 daughters, Lilani 11 years old and Julianna 7 years old.

Walter currently holds the office of Chairman of the Board for Port Graham Corporation. He has been the chair for over 15 years and on the board for 20 years. In addition to the PGC Board he has served on the Port Graham Village Council for many years. Walter has worked closely with the staff to develop and grow the Port Graham Corporation family of companies.

Mrs. Selanoff currently holds the position of Vice President of the Port Graham Corporation. She also acts as Chair of Port Graham Government Solutions and Vice Chair of Paluwik Heritage Foundation. Mrs. Selanoff has served on the board of Directors for the past 11 years. Mrs. Selanoff was born and raised in the Native Village of Port Graham, and for the past 22 years she has resided in Valdez where she works for TCC, LLC an Oil Spill Response and Maintenance Organization. She continues to practice traditional subsistence gathering and processing and remains active in the Chugach region as a subsistence teacher for the youth and within her church.

James LaBelle JR currently serves as the Treasurer for the Port Graham Corporation. He has served on the Board of Directors since 1998. In addition to PGC, he has served on various boards in his community. Mr. LaBelle has worked in child welfare, social services, and with nonprofits in Alaska. He is married to Rhonda LaBelle, children are Cody, Anthony, and Suzanne. He raised his family mainly in Anchorage. His vision is to not only be financially successful but to provide education, jobs, and other programs to allow improvement of our shareholder’s lives.

Mrs. Laura McMullen currently holds the position of secretary of Port Graham Corporation, as well as on the Paluwik Heritage Foundation board. She has served our shareholders for four years. Mrs. McMullen was born in Homer, and raised in Port Graham. She has raised five children in Port Graham and Sterling Alaska. She takes great pride and pleasure in raising a successful family that is rooted in a subsistence lifestyle while enabling western education.

Ms. Helen Loescher was born in Port Graham and currently is a Director on the Port Graham Corporation Board, as well as on Board of Paluwik Heritage Foundation. She has been on the Board for over 10 years. She attended Fort Lewis College and the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her parents are Thomas Young SR and Marie Malchoff, she has eight sisters and four brothers. Ms. Loescher is the proud mother of two children and grandmother of three growing boys. While she is now retired, she has volunteered throughout Alaska for many nonprofits.

Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) Certified 8(a)